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How They Filmed a Bugatti Chiron at 250 MPH: All Details and the Camera Car Revealed

bugatti chiron 250 mph filming
The film car wasn’t a Toyota Supra. Remember the time Bugatti set out to film their new Chiron for a world record run from 0 to 400kph (250mph) and then  Full Article »

2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 Review & Test Drive

2020 mercedes-amg glc 43
There’s no doubt that the Mercedes-Benz palette is vast, offering up just about every type of vehicle you can imagine except a pick-up truck here in the USA. With such,  Full Article »

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Review & Test Drive

2020 hyundai ioniq hybrid
Hybrid vehicles have stood the test of time and still have a place in American society even when the economy is holding strong. Hyundai has given the Hybrid segment a  Full Article »

2020 BMW 840i Convertible Review & Test Drive

The BMW 8 Series can be thought of a mysterious vehicle when it was first added to the German brand’s lineup in the early 1990s. Captivating a unique audience, the  Full Article »

Why a Subaru Is Fun and Safe to Drive

In a market where uniformity reigns supreme, a brand like Subaru attracts attention. To survive as one of the world’s smallest manufacturers, you have to do things right and in  Full Article »