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Liebert's new job has familiar feel

Carl Liebert, who lasted about four months as CEO of AutoNation last year, is replacing co-founder Gary Keller as the top executive at the parent company of Keller Williams Realty.

Jimmy Car-Car won't give up racing as CEO

Jim Farley got Bill Ford's blessing to keep spending time at the track to relax. "I can't just stop racing," Farley told him. "It's just who I am. It's my yoga."

How Brockman rose to power in auto retailing

Bob Brockman built Reynolds and Reynolds Co. into one of the largest U.S. dealership management system companies after it merged with his Universal Computer Systems in 2006.

Opportunity lies in virtual format of NADA Show

The decision to take 2021 trade show virtual is an opportunity to modernize and revitalize one of the industry's most important annual events. The big challenge will be recreating the excitement of the exhibition halls online.

Time has come for a grand bargain on direct vehicle sales to customers

Dealers have been resisting direct sales ostensibly on consumer protection grounds, but that position is unsustainable. Their reliance interests should be respected, but not in a way that codifies mid-20th century distribution methods forever.